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Here are few comments from our satisfied customers

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to check in with you and let you know how the Blue Front guy is doing. Here he is, talking and singing up a storm

I cannot believe how many words he knows. And he is just so smart. He tells me what he wants all the time.

After we got past his bitey stage, he really came around is a wonderful companion we really worked on training him and showing him his limits gently. Every day he allows more and more handling and will step up to anyone who comes over, he even asks to come see new guests by sticking his little foot out and saying "step up" We also accidentially potty trained him too. The vet was very impressed with his health and temperament when he got checked out too!

He is more than I could have ever hoped for! I just ordered him some more of the bird farm blend. He is such a healthy eater and eats such a large variety of foods I don’t go through it very fast. He loves his veggies for sure, I give him all kinds and he adores jalapenos.

Thank you for such a great pet!
Stephanie Frankhauser and Byron Solheim

This is a report about the great Sun Conure my wife and I bought from you. It's been a while now, so I hope you remember. We came to you in about October of 2010, looking for another Sun Conure, after our little Sun Conure died of a tragic kidney infection. We talked at length to you about buying a cage from Petco Online (which was an Avian Adventures Grande Dometop), which was a horror story, because of which you named us your "poster children of cage purchases". You might also remember that my wife is German, and also that I was NOT in agreement with buying the bird because she initially wanted to hand feed one, and I was afraid she was just buying one that she could get at the moment to simply fill a need. She was caged with a young Jenday in the front room, to the right as you walk in.

With that all said, I can tell you that Julia (what we named her) is doing so well here. She immediately moved right in, acting like she never lived anywhere else. On the second day, she was already flying to be with me from the couch, a distance of about 10'. She's a very loving bird, very devoted to us, showing delight each day that we both arrive home from work. She started talking to us within months, but does only say "up", and only now and again. She's not the most enthusiastic talker, but that's more than ok.

Interestingly, as a baby just released from you, she weighed usually about 105 grams, and is now probably up in the 115-120 gram range, at maybe 8-9 months old. Our poor previous Sun Conure weighed only 98 grams months before he died, and he was a 6 year old male. He was not undernourished or skinny. He was just small and at the proper weight for his size, and I know this because our vet weighed him and inspected his weight vial keel bone protrusion. You really wonder if we didn't take good enough care of him to allow him a longer life than he would have had, looking at his weight (which was a possibility you mentioned).

Sorry that this report came so late. I left the job to Martina, but she never got around to it, so I did it myself. Better late than never. Thanks for taking care of us and the time you spent talking with us. It's always a joy to come and visit. We expect we'd like to come and just see some birds (it's a nice thing to do even if we don't intend to buy any) and to buy some toys and supplies in the near future, and to maybe do that frequently throughout the year.

Best Regards,

Dan (and Martina)
Brecksville (Cleveland Suburbs), OH

I'm sure you don't remember me or Capone, but I bought a young male eclectus parrot from you almost 8 years ago. When searching the web for bird toys Capone may actually play with ( He is way to mature and way to human to play with cheesy bird toy, so he thinks. Ha Ha) I came across your web site and thought Id send you and your wife a little note. Capone is the sweetest and most gentle bird iv ever been around, and I'm a vet tech at a small animal/exotic practice, so Iv meet a few. I'm really not just saying that because he is mine, he is an amazing bird. Other than the occasional sunrise service he is perfect. (my fiancee works 3rd shift) He is a total momma's boy, witch is fine with me. Although he has his own voice he can mimic me perfectly, he likes to call for my fiancee then laugh at him when he comes to see what "I" need. He also has quite the attitude sometimes. If I tell him he is being a bad bird he often reply's, "Im not a bad bird, Im a green bird." Iv been trying like crazy to get him to say he is a rottweiler, but he insists that he is in fact a green bird. And when he is being too loud he sometimes tells himself to be quiet. Last week he let out one good scream then said, "Im serious Capone thats enough." But enough with the bird stories, im sure you hear them all the time.

Just want to let you guys know your bird is doing well and is loved very much.

Thanks so much, Randi and Capone

After weeks searching many websites, talking to several breeders, and carefully sifting through the mass of information I gathered, I called David from in Ohio. The conversation was personable, informative, and thorough. Answered all of my questions, and provided additional specific tips for owning baby Blue and Gold macaws. My second call was to David, who is the primary care provider for all the babies from there infancy through to their weaning. He also answered several more questions and explained in great detail how they raised their babies. After several more calls to the, I decided this was the right place to provide us with our new avian companion.

Sammy, our new baby B&G, weaned in late October. David prepared Sammy’s carrier for his flight home to us in Minnesota and after a slight weather delay, Sammy arrived. After the 70 minute drive home from the airport, we opened the front door of the carrier and Sammy came right out. David had told me he was a very sweet baby, so I confidently placed my hand firmly to his underbelly and gave him the command to step-up. He responded immediately and was very happy to be on my hand. Sammy is healthy, happy, and amazingly well-socialized. David not only raise and care for the babies with excellence, but socialize them well so the babies are very comfortable being handled when you get them home. This makes bonding with your new avian friend much easier for both the bird and the human. Nothing is quite as satisfying as the confirmation that you made the right choice about where to obtain your companion bird; my wife and I made the right choice.

David, thank you so much for our adorable baby B&G. You both do such an excellent job with your baby birds. Sammy’s condition is amazing. He really is so much more than we ever thought possible. We couldn’t be happier with our new addition to the family and we are forever grateful to you. Rest assured that we will tell anyone looking for a tropical bird that the is THE place to go if they want the best.

Warmest Regards,
Barry & Ellen Bishop

I'd like to express my satisfaction with the absolutely positive experience I've had with David of the Birdfarm. My family and I were ready to get a parrot and it was our first time with an exotic bird. I am an Ornithologist by trade and capture and band wild birds as a part of my research. So, while I am comfortable handling birds and know a fair amount about their biology and ecology I was a complete novice when it came to choosing, raising and caring for a parrot. Consequently, I had done quite a bit of homework about getting a parrot and I had visited many websites and talked to several breeders before I came across the Bird Farm. I was impressed with the knowledge and experience David demonstrated, both on the website and over the phone. I was completely put at ease and immediately knew I was dealing with folks who knew parrots backwards and forwards. They were patient with my questions and very forthcoming with information. They respected our desires regarding what we were looking for and made every effort to accommodate us. From the arrival of our bird at the Bird Farm until we went to pick her up, David indulged my frequent questions via email with helpful information and advice. They also provided us with many photos of our bird throughout its early development. Our Derbyan Parakeet, Sadie, was in excellent physical health when my daughter and I picked her up and Sadie's first check-up at the vet confirmed that. It was a testament to the superior care David gives all of their birds and the instruction they gave me so we could continue that care once Sadie came home. Now Sadie is a very well adjusted member of our family, enjoys interacting with other people and provides us with a constant source of entertainment. I am fortunate that I can bring her to work with me daily so she gets to meet lots of new people (I am a professor at a college) and she is handled by many of them. I only wish the Bird Farm were closer to us so we could visit frequently and keep David up to date on Sadie's progress. I strongly encourage anyone considering a parrot to contact David at the Bird Farm. You won't be disappointed.

Mike Bishop
Professor of Ornithology
Alma University

baby timneh I want to thank you for the excellent job that you did raising my baby timneh. I have only had him home for 4 days but he has exceeded any expectations I may have had. The shipping experience was great and he arrived with minimal stress. He steps up for anyone, loves head scratches and loves exploring. We had his first veterinarian visit this morning and the doctor was extremely impressed! She walked out of the examining room and I overheard her conversation with one of her colleagues. The colleague made a comment about the doctor “being brave” and asked about “the bird”. I heard the veterinarian RAVE about how well socialized he (Neo) is and what a sweet bird he is. When she came back in with the results of the gram stain she informed us that no antibiotic treatment was necessary. She said that usually birds show some bacteria due to the stress of transitioning to a new home. She said that his results showed such miniscule bacteria that treatment was not needed.

He is also the first bird to have his picture on the wall in the examining room. I commented to the doctor that there were no birds. It was all dogs and cats. She said that the birds are so stressed that they can't get a picture. Seeing a picture of a toweled bird would not be good. So after the examination she sent a tech in to take his picture.

He is perfect and that is certainly a credit to his good breeding and his wonderful nurturing from you.

Thank you very, very much!

Barbara Nickel


I want to thank you for the great service you provided me. You communicated amazingly with me through the entire process. I received all the toys in the mail today. I will definitely inform others of your tip top service and support at Birdfarm.

Thanks for everything,

Dear David;

I want to thank you so Very MUCH for the wonderful Amazon Yellow Nape we got from you. The Wait was well worth it. He is such a Darling bird and we can tell he was well loved by you before he was loved by us. You kept us well informed about him and his progress while we waited and that was GREAT!

He flew in with no trouble even though we were nervous about the flight- you guys were great tracking him and keeping us Informed the entire time even down to the call when his flight landed at the airport.!!!! THANK YOU.....

He 'steps up' wonderful and came to us with a vocab. that was just darling. He is learning something new everyday.

We were Nervous about purchasing a feather baby (you hear such things about amazons) not being able to visit your store - but I HAVE TO SAY - THERE was no reason to be NERVOUS! (we know that now)

In the next year or so when we add another feather baby to OUR FLOCK FAMILY you most certainly are who we are calling!

You were GREAT in helping us choose the right cage and diet- even toys- and we will continue to order from you!!!!!!! NOT TO MENTION ALL MY QUESTION!!!!!!

Once Again- I want to THANK YOU and YOUR STAFF for the wonderful wonderful job you do!

Time and Cora Word

I bought my Blue Throat Macaw from David in July 2009, and I couldn't be happier! I had wanted a Blue Throat for a long time, and because it is a relatively uncommon species, my choices were not many. I stumbled upon David's website and was impressed with not only the variety of parrots offered, but also the supplies and food. Before long, I knew this was the place I wanted to do business with. They were with me every step of the way, from advice on cage size, toys, and food. They were also kind enough to send periodic updates with pictures of my baby. This was a smooth process from start to the time my baby arrived. She is a sweet, loving, gentle creature with a VERY loud screech! (Music to my ears!) Anyway, if you're reading this, you've come to the right place from where to buy your next parrot. David does it right-you won't be disappointed!

Dan Costa

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know I bought a blue indian ringneck from you, for my daughter, and what a great bird he is!!

Very healthy, friendly, and loves people! He is the perfect bird. He already is a loved family member, and everyone that spends any time with him, falls in love with him!

We tell everybody about your store and they ask me if i have stock in your business! Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do and how you do it.... it takes special people to create special birds!

Richard Corrigan
Cleveland, Ohio

I brought my B&G in today for a DNA test... I just wanted to say your store is awesome! Your staff were very friendly and helpful. Your shop was SUPER clean. Your store is by far the best bird store I have been to and because I travel for my employer, I've been to a few in several different states. Thank you! Chris n Patty

Thank you all so much for my bird Marley. He is such a joy to us. Even though I am a small animal veterinarian, I have very minimal experience with birds, especially large birds and I had researched for years before getting a cockatoo. I came upon your web site and was very impressed with the variety of birds you had to offer, as well as the time you took answering my questions personally. I waited a year for my umbrella cockatoo, "Marley", but it was worth the wait. He is very well adjusted and I felt like he was exactly as you described him to me. I also appreciated your updates and emails about his progress. When he was being shipped to us, we were a little nervous, but you talked us through the process and everything went according to plan. We learn new things about each other every day, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Thanks again
Kathryn Bartlett, DVM
Portales New Mexico

Hi David,

I just wanted to congratulate you on an outstanding site. I especially like your account for each species. In my experience, you are right on the mark regarding the disposition, talking ability, etc. for each of the species you discuss.

I have had the good fortune of seeing most species of New World parrots in the wild, including almost all of the macaws. Your comments about their status in the wild, habits, etc. are also accurate.

Great site!

Bill Clark

Dave, I received my new cage. I want to thank you for recommending the smaller cage. It is perfect for my bird. I will tell my friends in Kansas about your company and will highly recommend you. This transaction was quick. Thank you.
Kandy Alters

Maya is at home and doing wonderful! She is a very loveable bird. She preens me all the time while she rides around on my shoulder. I can tell she was well taken care of before I received her. She is already mumbling and trying to talk. That tells me that the staff spent a lot of time with her. I appreciate the time and concern from everyone from the Ohio store and the Florida store. I've received a couple phone calls since I've picked up Maya, to make sure she is doing fine. This tells me that you really care about your babies. In the near future I will be in the market for another bird. Probably an African Grey. Birdfarm will be the first to know. Again, thank you for everything

We drove from NJ to visit your bird farm and to pick up a sweet bare eyed cockatoo. It was certainly worth the drive. Your store is exceptionally clean, organized and the birds are in perfect health/feather. It was a pleasure to meet you. We appreciate all the education you provided us. We are long term bird owners and learned some new nutritional ideas from you which will be helpful for all our birds!! Thanks for spending the time with us and having everything ready when we arrived. Our bare eyed is such a lovely perfect feathered bird. We are totally in love with him and will enjoy him for many years to come... would definitely purchase another bird from you! You have our recommendation!

Shirley and Frank

I just wanted to check in to say Hi and to let you guys know we're doing great. I think Kao is growing a little bit every day. Fresh fruits every morning, Harrisons and seed mix through out the day, warm vegetables for dinner. He recently seems to have slowed down on the formula. I guess that would be typical as he's nearing his 7 month b-day. We recently took him to see my Grandma in a retirement home. Everybody loved him. She even enjoyed holding him. He really has his playful moods, festive times, loves his toys but also likes his quite time to be held and caressed. Just a real delight. We wanted to thank you again for our beautiful Kao and spending the time you do to raise such wonderful animals…

Hi David,
It's been a week and I am in love with Bella( formally Gizmo) She is so sweet and gentle I am so amazed at the care and love you gave her as she was growing. She says step up, hi ,hello, and love you. She only says love you when she is being cuddled or playing on the bed. She has already learned to go poop on command before she comes out of her cage. I am teaching her to shake and say hello. My grandson with supervision will hold her and he is only 8. She goes to my neighbors with me and loves everyone. Thank you again for everything you did for me making my dream of having such a magnificent bird come true. She came off the plane eating and never showed any stress. For anyone out there who is thinking of purchasing a bird from David, they are people with impeccable standards and it shows in the way they raise and care for your future feathered friend. You don't just get a bird, you get a well socialized well mannered bird. Thank you again, and I will send pictures and keep in touch.
Diane Rhines

Hi -
I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you both yesterday and how impressed I was with your store. From handing me antibiotic stuff for my hands when I walked in until I walked back out the door - I was so impressed with your cleanliness and carefulness with your birds. I wish my baby had been there, but am very glad I drove out there anyway. I have to admit that I have been a bit nervous about getting him sight unseen and from somewhere I had never had contact with before. After meeting you both and seeing your place and talking with you, I can see that you truly are "bird people", and I am very confident now that my baby will be happy and healthy and taken very good care of.
I look forward to seeing you again in a couple months -
Randi Klees

My wife just spoke to Birdfarm....all is great...I have fallen in love with our baby...I can see why you have become so attached. I think we are going to name her Fresca....she is soooo lovable and is unbelievable...she was worth every mile times 10. You have my word that you could not have given her to a better couple....we love her and she is very very happy. She really loves me because of my similarities to you....good for me. I have spent my day today building her a play stand fit for a princess...she loves it. Her new cage will be here is huge with an awesome play top. The cage is 40 w x30 d and 73 h. She will be settled in my new 24X24 Family room which is loaded with glass so she will get lots of natural sunlight and have an awesome view of the outdoors. I am also going to buy her a huge outdoor cage for hanging outside with us on the beautiful weather days. Again I can't even begin to put into words how pleased we are that you chose us for the very special treasure you have given us. God bless you and thank are special as is our new baby. We will always stay in touch and send you photos....thanks again.

Thank you for this bird, he is so sweet.
He is eating well and like to take a bath every morning!> I think he likes his new home.
I'll recommend your bird farm to my friends.

Thank you
Mary Ida Bonadio

Just wanted to thank you for the very sweet TAG. We have named him Jake and he is adjusting to his new home just fine. He is a pleasure to be around & we love him sooo much. Also was very impressed with your Bird Farm Store and all your birds seemed so sweet.

Thanks again,
Margaret Young
Franklin, Pa.

David, Thank you so much for my little sun conure. He is just perfect! You really know how to create some wonderful, cuddly, sweet members of the family. He was instantly my best friend and I am sure he will be for many years to come. Thanks again, Heidi.


It was a pleasure to visit the Bird Farm with Theda Saturday to pick up Kimba. Your store should be a model for all exotic bird stores. Kimba adjusted very quickly to his new "flock" and made the ride back to Charlotte in the Poquita Avian Hotel like a champ.

While I was there and looking around I saw a HQ cage for Taco, my Senegal. It was 24 x 24 inches with a play top. I cannot seem to find it on the web site. I would like to get the cage in a dome top and a lighter color. Taco is now in a green cage and he tends to get lost in all the green plus 24 x 24 would give him more room.

I appreciate any suggestions that you have and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

A Michael Arthur
Wilmington, North Carolina

Hey Dave,

My new baby Timneh, Kimba, made it to NC in great shape and settled in to his new home upon arrival. He is a friendly, polite little fellow. He chirps "hello" to all who enter his living room and responds when spoken to. Sometimes he chirps out a whole string that sounds like sentences and carries on "conversations" with us. The evening of his first full day in his new home, Kimba was happily grinding his beak.

Our avian vet was amazed at what a happy little guy Kimba is. He is so much more than I ever imagined. I can't imagine finding a better bird anywhere. Thank you for a wonderful little Timneh.


Just a note to thank you ever so much for the great bird adoption experience :)

As I waited for my baby Eclectus to be weaned, you and your staff were most patient with my questions and phone calls. I wanted Pedro as soon as he was weaned, so didn't want to wait for warm weather to ship the little guy, so drove from Indianapolis to your store.

Everyone at your store was knowledgeable and friendly, and the store is great- a huge selection of every kind of toy, cage, food, and bird stuff in general. The bird area is so clean, and I could see that all of the birds were well cared for, and happy while they waited for their new homes.

It struck me that you really care about all the birds at the store, (not just your own birds) which made it especially nice to get a bird that was loved on and handled a lot from the beginning. Pedro is my buddy, and he is the nicest birdboy ever!

Thank you so much, again, for the most positive bird adoption experience! If you are ever in Indianapolis, call us!

Kathy B.

Hey Dave,
As many times as I have talked with you, I have forgotten to ask if my Timneh is fledged or has he been clipped. I was also wondering if you have any pictures of him that you can email me.

My family was in your new store last week and they were very impressed by how the birds are treated and the cleanliness. Everything that I have heard about your methods of raising baby birds is exactly how I want my baby to be treated. It is worth the drive from Charlotte, NC to own one of your babies.

I am looking forward to hopefully meeting you on Saturday. I will let you know if the weather forces us to put the trip off for a week or so.


Hi Dave,
Wanted to write to let you know how the baby is doing. I named him Jewelsy (because he's a jewel)!! He is so sweet, and loving, loves to cuddle, I can touch him anywhere, and he will go to anyone!! I will and already have referred you to many people to buy their birds. You are very professional, by keeping in touch, and checking up on your babies after selling/shipping them!!
I am sending some pics of Jewelsy in this email, feel free to post them on your site if you like:)
Angie from Indiana!!

Hi David,
I hope you are doing well!
I just wanted to give you an update on Pancho (Yellow Nape Amazon). He is one year old today (03/05/07) and doing great. He is talking pretty well and is doing great. He has developed quite a positive personality. He went to the Vet today for his one year well-bird checkup. The Vet was very impressed with him. I owe it all to the initial upbringing you and your folks provided him during the first four months of his life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I have become very attached to this little guy and feel blessed to have the privilege to care for him.

He has learned to say:
Step up
Good boy
Hello Pancho
Hello Zazu
What are you doing?
Pretty bird
Pancho's a pretty bird
Oh boy
He Laughs
He whistles (the Cockatoo taught him)

Thanks again for bringing this wonderful bundle of feathers into my life!
Ron Tittle
Belton, TX

Dave and his staff facilitated making a life-long dream of mine come true! I was finally in a financial position to be able to purchase a larger bird and maintain his/hers needs properly. Paging through Bird Talk, I noticed Exotic Pet Birds' advertisement. With the store being only 45 minutes away, we jumped in the car.

I was absolutely amazed at how spotlessly clean the entire store was! I was impressed with the birds being in a room separated from the public and the sign requiring hand sanitizing before entering. There was quite an assortment of precious babies, many of them were still hand-feeding.

Dave directed me to one gorgeous little yellow naped amazon sitting so nicely in his cage. Dave got him out and in no time, he allowed me to scratch his neck, hold him against my chest (where he quickly destroyed the zip of my hoodie!), and make an almost immediate bond. It took a couple of weeks to get everything ready for him to come home, but it was such fun.

"Ozzie" will be two in May and has an amazing vocabulary. He came home talking and almost daily adds something new to his repertoire. Once he learns a new word or phrase, he plays with it and learns to either exaggerate a syllable or word, or add words to a phrase. We have often carried on conversations that make perfect sense to us.

Dave and his staff have been there every step of the way as I learned to handle him, what his proper diet is and even directed me to good toys for him. The one toy he told me Ozzie would have his whole life is looking like it just might! It is a rawhide roll that hangs long ways and has a couple of sterling silver spoons hanging with it. He beats the dickens out of that toy, gets mad at it, hangs from one spoon with one foot and deliberatly falls - only to say either "Ouch" or "WOW"! The more we laugh, the more he enjoys entertaining.

You absolutely cannot go wrong purchasing your bird from Dave and his staff!

Valerie I.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Hi David......
I just wanted to let you know that our Little BABY is having lots and lots of fun here !!!!....He is playing on all his new portables... and having a ball.... He is adjusting to our GANG GREAT !!!!~~~~ He is a JOY !!!!~~~~ and VERY SMART !!!!~~~~

I took lots and lots of pictures.... As soon as I put them into the computer I will send you some !!!! ....HE LOVES THE CAMERA !!!!

He LOVES TV !!!!.... He loves to hang out with our GERONIMO... He is our little chatter box and he talks and talks to him... They are really funny to watch.... Where ever our GERONIMO goes.... Our BABY wants to go....

Our new BABY eats everything !!!! I am so happy about that !!!! After his dinner we take him and GERONIMO in the den to watch TV with us.... He LOVES all his portables !!!! He stays there and plays.... (I got a beautiful new cage for him I made him plenty of new toys and swings...etc....)

I just have to tell you.... THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I was a pain in the A........ about everything.... and you were right.... everything went great !!!!~~~~ WONDERFUL !!!!~~~~!!!!


Thanks again for your help.... JUDY & the GANG