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Lories for Sale

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Lories For Sale

Photos are of Adult Lorys & represent what type of lory the chicks are for sale are. Availablilty for each type of Lory is nest to the photo of each type, as well as the pricing. Deposits to hold while we handfeed out (wean) is 1/3rd down . DNA sexing is available at $30 per/baby We do ship but always weather permitting, mostley on UNITED AIRLINES at $100 shipping fee charged to you by United Airlines. Call us Toll Free at 1 877 808 5472..All Major Credit cards accepted...   We can sell unweaned if you have experience, we can sell in quanities to Zoos, Aquariums , etc. either weaned or unweaned, please call to get pricing ...

We ship to all 50 States only ...NO OUT of Country shipping...sorry AS we near the end of Breeding Season , perhaps you missed out on one our Beautiful Lory babies, We may still have a few more babies in 2015 , You can always reserve a 2017/2018 calling us...Deposits are $200 on any lory.

Blue Mountains (Swainson's)  1 new baby available, as of Sept 16/17  , deposit of $200 holds your baby almost  weaned call us today

Blue Mountains (Swainson's) Babies now hatching weaned is $699 Deposits to reserve are $200...  Breeds year round. 4 Baby Blue Mountains available Call to reserve

Blue Mountain Lories

Edward's Lorikeet

Medium sized Rainbow. Edward's Lorikeet Hatched weaned price is $699 call to reserve Deposit is $200 to reserve..

Edward's Lorikeets

Forsten's Lorikeet

Forsten's Lorikeet  i Weaned price is $699.00 .....Medium sized Rainbow. Breeds mostly year round.

Forsten's Lorikeets

Red Collared Lorikeets  1 new baby available call for pricing

Red Collared Lorikeets  one new baby available... Great pet, good speech capability. Breeds February through Sept/October.

Red Collared Lorikeets

Red Lories . 1 new baby available weaned is $899.

. Breeds mostly year round.

Red Lories

Scaly-Breasted Lorikeet

Scaly-Breasted Lorikeet AVAILABLE Hatched weaned price is $599 .

Scaly-Breasted Lorikeets

Blue Streaked Lories

Medium sized Lory. Beautiful striking birds. Generally make great pets. Breeds March through September.

Blue Streaked Lories

Musk Lorikeets

Smaller type Lory. About the size of a small Cockatiel with a shorter tail. On the quiet side, has s nice warble when mature. Tends to make a good pet. Breeds January through May/June

Musk Lorikeets

Chattering Lory

Large size Lory. Great speech capability.Breeds January through May/June.

Chattering Lories for sale

Yellow-Bibbed Lory $899

Large sized Lory in the Black Capped family. One of the best speech capabilities in the Lory family.Breeds January through June.... $899.00 weaned price

Yellow-Bibbed Lories

Green Naped Lorikeet $699   

Medium sized Rainbow Lorikeet. Breeds mostly year round.

Green Naped Lorikeets

Ornate Lory $699 ,

Medium-small sized Rainbow Lorikeet. Breeds March through July. Price $699 Weaned 1 is available only 2 weeks old as of 1/09/16 Call to reserve with a deposit

Ornate Lories

Black Lory

Large sized Lory. Make great pets. Breeds January through June/July.  More hatching now

Black Lories

Iris Lorikeets

Smaller type of Lory. Can eat half seed half nectar. Little Characters

Iris Lorikeets

Dusky Lories

Dusky Lories are very beautiful and entertaining but theytend to be a more of a high energy bird. They also can be a little on the louder side. Breeds April through July.

Dusky Lories

Yellow Streaked Lory 1 is available $899 handfeeding now

Yellow Streaks are a larger lory (in the same family as the Black, Duvy and Cardinal) They tend to be a very playful lory and will act like a baby for a long time. (most of them) Breeds January through June/July.

Yellow Streaked Lory for sale

Goldies Lorikeet 1 has just hatched less than 10 days of age

One of the smaller Lories available in the US. They are about the size of a larg parakeet. Tends to be a little on the shy side (some are little tigers) More on the quiet side. Speech capability is on the mumbling side. Breeds March through July/August

Goldies Lorikeets

Obi-Violet Necked Lory

One of the smaller Eos. Abdomen is actually a very dark purple. Breeds March through July.

Obi-Violet Necked Lory

Blue Crown Lory

One of the smaller Lories. They are about the size of a small Love bird. They tend to be hardy. They are playful and make a neat sound (sounds like a Blue Bird) and tend to be fearless. They are definitely on the rare side in aviculture.

Blue Crown Lory

Cardinal Lory

A larger Lory. They are the same size as Duvyenbode's or Black Lories. They are playful. These guys originate out of theSolomon Islands. They are a bit on the rare side in aviculture.

Cardinal Lories

Olive Green Naped 

Olive Green Napes are a mutation of the normal Green Naped.

Olive Green Naped Lories

Red Stella Lorikeet 1 weaned $1500 available Female

Full package Lory. Beautiful, graceful, playful and quiet. One of the few dimorphic Lories. Females have a yellow saddle patch on the back of their rump.

Melanistic Stella Lorikeet

Melanistic Stella Lorikeet 1 is available $1500

Same as the Red Lories but they are the Melanistic color. I equate their color to Welch's Grape Juice (looks black from afar but up close and in sunshine they are a dark purple) Dimorphic males have solid red on the back flanks and sometimes under the vent area.
Red Stella Lorikeets