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Platform Swing Perch: Large Platform Swing Perch: Large
Item # SwingPertchL
Price: $24.95
Made in the USA ! This swing is for a larger bird, Base is a little gritty to file those sharp toenails....Very durable ..It will last a long time~
Comes in 3 Sizes ...Small Medium and Large as shown~

Platform Swing Perch: Medium Platform Swing Perch: Medium
Item # SwingPertchM
Price: $17.95
Made in the USA ! Birds love these perches...Made with bird safe material...Keeps toenails filed...
A great product~...Comes in 3 Sizes.

Platform Swing Perch: Small Platform Swing Perch: Small
Item # SwingPertchS
Price: $15.95
Made in the USA ! ..material is bird safe...Great for smaller birds , Conures...keeps nails trimmed~
These perches are great for geriatric birds as well, or birds missing toenails...Comes in 3 sizes~

Arch Swing-Small Arch Swing-Small
Item # archswingsm
Price: $12.99
For smaller birds like Conures, Quakers, Cockatiels, etc. Pumice perch on swing for trimming nails while your bird enjoys the natural feel of swaying like on a tree branch. All cotton rope for play.

Arch Swing-Medium/small Arch Swing-Medium/small
Item # archswingmed
Price: $17.95
For Medium sized birds like Amazons and Greys. This swing allows birds to have the natural perching feel of a branch moving in nature. Strong and durable with pumice perch for keeping nails trimed. All Cotton rope for play.

BMT208 BMT208
Item # BMT208
Price: $9.95
This swing made of rope with a tennis ball for fun is different than any other swing you'll find. Easy to hang onto and really get moving on.

K38L K38L
Item # K38L
Price: $26.95
A swing for the large birds that includes toys to chew, while they are swinging! 36 inches long, 23 inches wide.

K38M K38M
Item # K38M
Price: $24.95
This swing, 28 inches long and 18 inches wide, will provide toys to play with while your bird enjoys the swing.

K38S K38S
Item # K38S
Price: $18.99
25 inches long, 12 inches wide, this swing comes with toys attached for play and chewing!

K649L K649L
Item # K649L
Price: $35.99
A swing and toys all in one! Ribbon wood for strength and chain for durability.

K649M K649M
Item # K649M
Price: $21.99
A swing and toys all in one! Ribbon wood for durability and chain for strength.

K649S K649S
Item # K649S
Price: $16.99
A swing and a toy all in one! Ribbon wood for strength and chain for durability.

Item # ARC
Price: $24.99
For large Cockatoos and Macaws.
Birds love the natural swinging sensation that imitates perching high on a swaying bough. Constructed around the world-famous Pastel Perch, guaranteed to help keep nails trimmed naturally. Swing provides a 100 % cotton rope for climbing and easy access to and from the perch. Encourages exercise which develops healthier feet and leg muscles. Veterinarian designed and approved.