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Wooden Nickle Wooden Nickle
Item # BFWN
Price: $18.50

Many brightly colored discs hang from cotton rope.

Wind Chimes Wind Chimes
Item # BFWCH
Price: $22.50

A trio of pipe bells dangle from Marbella rings for a very durable toy. Colors may vary.

Wiffilicious Wiffilicious
Item # BFWF
Price: $21.50

Lots of different sized wiffle-type balls along with beads, spoons, leather, and a bell make this a wonderfully busy toy. Colors may vary.

Vinny Vinny
Item # BFVIN
Price: $21.50

Lots of handles paired with little bites of grapevine wreaths for a variety of textures.

Towering Towering
Item # BFTWR
Price: $24.50

A tower of ABC blocks and 6" square wood pieces dangle from chain, along with two bells and leather pieces for a variety of chewing fun.

The Bomb The Bomb
Item # BFTB
Price: $14.00

Softball sized wiffle ball with lots of wooden "spindles" dangle from chain along with a bell on the bottom.

Squarely Squarely
Item # BFSQ
Price: $10.50

Plenty of bird-safe cardboard squares with wooden coins in between dangle from chain with a bell on the bottom.

Spring Thing Spring Thing
Item # BFSPT
Price: $14.50

Colorful wooden pieces dangle from wire with a bell at the bottom. Colors and shapes may vary.

Sketti Sketti
Item # BFSKT
Price: $20.95

Plenty of brightly colored wooden pieces on this all-chain toy complete with a nearly indestructible pipe bell, wooden kitchen utensils, and a hefty natural wood cap that will challenge your feathered friend. Colors may vary.

Shredder Shredder
Price: $17.50

A host of shredders (Chinese finger traps) dangle from this wiffle ball toy with colored wood pieces and a bell for good measure. Shredding and chewing fun for your bird. Colors/shapes may vary.

Rollin' Rollin'
Item # BFRLN
Price: $12.50

A roll of register paper along with leather, acrylic shapes, and bells.

Ringo Ringo
Item # BFRNG
Price: $22.50

Colorful wooden rolling pins and other shapes as well as natural wooden rings for lots of chewing fun.

Quarters Quarters
Item # BFQT
Price: $21.95

Lots of colorful wooden discs dangle from base with a bell hidden in the middle.

Pizza Pizza
Item # BFPZ
Price: $14.50

Wicker basket filled with coffee filters and spiral cut straws.

Picketts Picketts
Item # BFPK
Price: $21.50

Lots of brightly colored dowel pieces with a bell hidden in the center.

Oreo Oreo
Item # BFOR
Price: $10.50

Lots of brightly colored coffee filters sandwiched between two baskets for lots of chewing fun. Unseen in the pictures, there is a bell on the bottom.

Old Glory Old Glory
Item # BFOG
Price: $12.50

"Old Glory" in wood along with leather and bells.

Nappy Nappy
Item # BFNPY
Price: $21.50

Lots of wooden napkin rings for instant destruction, along with brightly colored hard wood handles for long-lasting fun.

Missing Link Missing Link
Item # BFML
Price: $22.50

Plastic chain links with a large variety of shapes and objects to investigate and chew. Quick links on both ends to hang across cage. No two are alike!

Measure Up Measure Up
Item # BFMU
Price: $17.50

Stainless measuring cups dangle by chain from a PVC cross along with brightly colored acrylic beads and a leather piece in the center. A most satisfyingly noisy toy! Colors may vary.

Little Pail Little Pail
Item # BFLP
Price: $12.50

Little stainless pail with leather, beads, and a bell. Perfect for holding foot toys or that favorite treat.

Leatherneck Leatherneck
Item # BFLN
Price: $16.50

A ring of leather strips for lots of chewing fun as well as a bell hidden in the middle. Natural leather. Bead color may vary.

Large Chunky Large Chunky
Price: $16.50

Large chunky pieces of natural dragon wood along with colored balls dangle from heavy chain along with a pipe bell on the bottom, 24 inches from top to bottom. This heavy-duty toy should last a good while.

Harry Harry
Item # BFHRY
Price: $16.50

Lots of spiral cut straws make the "hair" of this coconut toy. Add treats for a fun foraging toy. Colors may vary.

Hangin' Around Hangin' Around
Item # BFHAR
Price: $24.00

Lots of brightly colored wooden handles dangle from this all-chain toy, along with a durable pipe bell in the center. Leather rings and plastic fish add a variety of chewing textures.

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