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Tips by David  
Bird Cage Cleaning

HERE's THE BEST BIRDIE CARE HINT YET! I've owned birds all my life, and just recently tried something new, that has made cage cleaning SO MUCH EASIER! Everyone run, quickly to your cage! Look at your cage's design and determine if the grid can be removed WITHOUT allowing the bird to then fit between the cage and the tray.

If your cage is so designed, that the bird cannot get out without the grid in the cage, then here's the tricky part: Do you have a bird that stays above his lowest perch? Doesn't go to the bottom of the cage to pick things up or try to tear up the paper? Then you are in business with this hint!

Pull that grid out now! It serves no purpose if your bird doesn't go to the bottom of his cage! It's just one more very difficult thing to keep clean! Some cages, (Island Cages) can even fit the grid under the cage, between the legs, and it will act as a shelf for you to keep things on! David and I have both done this with our Amazons and it works perfectly! (Can't do it with my Cockatoo, because he's at the bottom getting into everything!) Take a look at your cage, see if it works for you!

Minimum cage size fo
Minimum cage size for sugar gliders is 36 X 24 X 36 inechs. Keeping your glider in anything less would be cruel. They like to jump and glide. What are the dimensions on your medium' sized cage?worked with one:)

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