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Tips by David  
Your Pet Bird's Digestive Health

Sometimes you just want to ask questions because something has changed in your bird's regimen.

One day I received a call from a very nice woman in Ohio who was paniced over the fact that for the second morning in a row, when she uncovered her birds, the droppings in the bottom of the cage were runny and dark. She asked for an Avian Vet recommendation. Before I let her hang up, we talked about her bird's diet, and I found that she enjoyed offering a huge variety to her birds of whatever she could find at the local produce market. Thinking about the time of year, and my experience with wild bird droppings on a patio near our berry bushes, I asked her what she had purchased recently. The "illness" quickly turned out to be blueberries on sale that week!

Always remember when feeding your birds that what goes in usually comes out! This can even be the case with pelleted diets that are heavily dyed. If a bird chooses to eat only the red pellets in his dish one day (don't laugh, it happens!), you will notice the droppings changing color from the dye. Some bird owners use only "natural" pellets because of this very reason.


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