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Tips by David  
Teflon Dangers for Birds

Always protect your bird from exposure to overheated Teflon.

Things like using the self-cleaning feature of your oven, cooking with non-stick cookware, and even use of some hair dryers, can overheat Teflon and release a gas that is dangerous, even deadly, to your bird.

Folks with exotic birds in their households should consider replacing Teflon cookware, who hasn't answered the phone, or gotten tied up with something that caused them to leave a pan on the stove to overheat. That would be deadly to your pet! And when needing to clean your ovens, your birds need to be out of the house! Have them visit a friend or neighbor if you must use the self cleaning oven feature.

Gretchen Tyree
Thank you for a great website! We have a cockatiel and a recently gifted Sun Conure. They are family and having a website to refer to is very valuable.

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