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Tips by David  
Pet Bird Diet Tips

A proper diet is one of our biggest struggles with our birds. If they were not weaned onto a pelleted diet, fresh veggies, and a variety of foods, it's difficult. Seed should NOT be your bird's everyday food in his dish. It's too high in fat, with very little nutrition. Pellets, veggies, fruit, well cooked chicken, fish, pasta, and even cooked eggs should all be part of your bird's good diet!

Even when those seeds say "fortified", remember that they are coated with the fortification, and birds don't eat the seed coating!

Variety is the key. Pellets always in the dish and a good variety of other things to prevent boredom and add necessary nutrients. Think green and orange! Brocolli, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash! High in vitamin A and protein, these are things birds often lack in their diets.

if a bird looses feathers all over, bald in spots, what vitamins should I be using???he gets a lot of vegies and fruit ??????
How come some IRN's are light blue and some are dark?
Helen House
Dr. Kitty Remington, a well known and respected avian vet in Florida, recommends against feeding birds spinach, as it interferes with calcium absorption. She recommends endive.

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