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     Looking to own your own Birdstore.... would  you like to relocate to sunny Florida.....I am looking to retire very soon, Birdfarm Superstore has been in business over 20 years, its a turn key operation, very successful , busy 12 months a year...If you are interested in buying a bird store contact me via text or call for more info 352 220 2249....This is a Turn key operation.

Also includes a wholesale business, retail business, Zoo business, we have over 700 stores registered to buy from us wholesale...again turn key , we can train you if neccessary . Asking price is $399,000....Can be moved to any location with the use of the web site ...Incredible business , birdfarm will put you on the map instantly ...

  Pluses are if you own a Bird store now, or pet store, and have experience handfeeding...transition would be easier to take over, is on cruise control...millions of hits on web sites, phone rings off the hook walk in trafic 7 days a week....