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 Pantagonian Conure , approx age is 2-3 yrs  Not Dna`d but extremely sweet and affectionate,,goes to anyone , in perfect feather on our Birdfarm Blend diet $799 to a loving home, call us if interestedat 352-503-6817 

African Grey male 16 yrs of age good feather does not pluck fairly tame easy to handle $899           African Grey male 30 yrs of age , good feather, not a plucker fairly tame $699   ....           Blue Fronted Amazon 10 yrs of age Male. good feather, not a plucker male fairly sweet $899           Double Yellow Head Amazon 30 yrs of age female fairly tame .$700 in great feather ,           
                   Goffin Cockatoo approx age 8 years old, this boy  is very sweet, steps up , very animated, diet is our birdfarm blend..this one is very fun to own and watch ..he wants a special family that understands cockatoos, loves his morning veggies on a great diet and a fun bird~ Dances with us at 353 503 6817