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2017 BIRDING Tour by Pontoon Boat, this is a 2 hour boat tour,in March on Tuesday TBD tour starts at 230 pm sharp, this is peak period of the year...$20 p/person call ahead to reserve , educational and a fun time ....352 503 6817

African Grey male 16 yrs of age good feather does not pluck fairly tame easy to handle $899         African Grey male 30 yrs of age , good feather, not a plucker fairly tame $699   ....         Blue Fronted Amazon 10 yrs of age Male. good feather, not a plucker male fairly sweet $899         Double Yellow Head Amazon 30 yrs of age female fairly tame .$700 in great feather ,     HYACINTH dna female, 10 years, due to health reasons owners are rehoming her, perfect feather and on a great diet..including 2-3 macadamia nuts daily    Priced Very fair at $9,795.00     
    AFRICAN GREY CONGO s 20 years old, friendly not breeders male & Female , the female  is in good feather male is plucked on chest ...  $950. for both must stay together..will not seperate..NOT BREEDERS , they have recently been placed on our birdfarm blend diet...                           Hyacinth Female 20 yrs of age , Owner passed away in good feather , but plucked on the chest , she plucked after owner had passed away, does not pluck any longer...Priced at $7995.00        Goffin Cockatoo, Approx age 7 years of age....Needs a forever home she is super tame  $950.00.....Call soon on this one she is super nice~   Molucann male Cockatoo , perfect feather, 10 yrs old ,does prefer men , very loud likes to chew toys $ us at 352 503 6817