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Hybrid Macaws  

Catalina MacawHYBRID MACAWS: Here is where you must refer back to our "Birdie Hints" page for all the combinations of which these spectacular birds originate from. When thinking of a Hybrid, please consider the birds age and proximity to weaning. It is our belief that at a very young age, Hybrids tend to exhibit some "weaker" tendencies, and are perhaps somewhat trickier to hand feed.

Unless you have some experience under your belt with hand feeding of Macaws, you might only consider the fully weaned Hybrid. You will be rewarded for your purchase with a stunningly beautiful bird, no matter what his or her genetic mix might be, and a calm, gentle, sweet personality.

Our only thoughts on the mixture of species is to add that possibly one day, when man has destroyed so much natural habitat for Macaws, our only place to view these magnificent birds will be in sanctuaries, zoos, aviaries and stores and if that is the case, than I would hope that we have not mixed the species so much that we cannot still find the pure Blue & Gold's stunning gold chest or the beautiful distinct colors of the Scarlet and Green Wing.