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And if you don't find it here, please phone us TOLL FREE at (877) 808-5472

                                                   DO WE SHIP?  We ship to all fifty states! We have shipped to Alaska and Hawaii and everywhere in between!  Sorry, NO OUT OF USA SALES.

                                            HOW DOES SHIPPING WORK?  Your bird departs from the airport in TAMPA, Florida (because it's the closest to us) on United Airlines or Delta Airlines, to your nearest MAJOR airport. The airport must be large enough to accommodate larger planes that carry animals. He travels in a climate controlled cargo area for pets, in an airline approved carrier that we charge you for. You have the carrier however, after you receive your bird, to travel with the bird to Vet visits, for wing and nail trims, or anytime you need to remove your bird from your house. Ahead of time you will have a flight number, arrival time, and a reference number that identifies your bird.  We make all the arrangements for you, and you pick your bird up at the airport, just like picking up a person.  When you receive your bird, you will need a picture ID, the reference/airbill number, United Airlines fee is $100 Delta Ailrines fee is $155...We will always try to ship the quickest way first, Depending on the route of the airline to your location   WE DO NOT CHARGE YOU FOR SHIPPING, Delta/or United  Airlines charges you to ship your bird. You will pay Delta/or United at the time you receive your bird. You will be going to DELTA  or UNITED CARGO, so check ahead of time where DELTA or UNITED  CARGO is at your particular airport.  WE DO NOT SHIP WHEN THE TEMPERATURE IS LESS THAN 45 DEGREES.

                                          HOW MUCH WILL SHIPPING COST ME?                                                         $100 or $155.
Shipping is always the same, a flat price, no matter what state we are shipping to, or size of the bird. For those of you that purchase more than one bird, they can often be partitioned in the same crate, or the crates "piggie-backed" so that you still only pay $158 for multiple birds.   Sometimes, we even have birds going into the same location at the same time!  In that case, we can hook you up with the other people receiving a bird, and you can split the cost with them for shipping!                                                            WHAT DOES WEANED AND UNWEANED MEAN?   This is a good question. Baby birds, when they are pulled from their birdie parents, think of us as their Mom & Dad. We must simulate feeding, just like the bird parents did, in order for them to eat. Just like human babies, birds cannot eat solid food until they reach a certain age. Bird parents regurgitate into a baby's mouth to feed them. We feed them baby bird formula with a syringe until they can eat on their own. Even after they are eating solid food on their own, they must be fed formula sometimes for a long time!

NO, please don't ask.

We will, however, be willing to teach you to hand feed, if you live in our area, or can visit us enough to learn to properly hand feed. When you are comfortable with hand feeding, and WE are comfortable with the way you are feeding, you may take your baby home.

***We will not sell unweaned Macaws to anyone who has not handfed a Macaw.

It is our opinion that handfeeding other birds is not like hand feeding a Macaw. You must have had experience specifically with a Macaw to purchase an unweaned one from us. 
                                WHEN WILL MY BIRD BE WEANED AND READY TO COME HOME?   We do not force any bird to wean. As long as they want and need formula, we give it. When your baby has refused formula for several days, and gained back weight that he may have lost while weaning, he or she will be ready to come home to you. The fastest way to create a bird that screams and bites, in our opinion, is to force it to wean before it is ready. Please be patient with us and your bird. You'll both be happier.

                                      *** WHAT TYPE OF GUARANTEE DO YOU OFFER? ***   Seven days with a Vet check. That means that if within seven business days after receiving your baby, you take him to an AVIAN CERTIFIED VET for a well Vet checkup, and the Vet tells you that there is a genetic defect or physical illness, we will guarantee your bird for replacement. However, the guarantee is void if you do not purchase the food that your new baby has been weaned onto from us.   
                                                IS MY BIRD A BOY OR A GIRL? We actually don't know the answer to that in most cases, unless you have purchased a member of the parakeet family or an Eclectus. Those are the only birds we sell that are sexually dimorphic. That means, you can tell the difference between males and females by looking at them!

However, DNA testing allows us to determine the sex of a bird by drawing a few drops of blood from a toenail and sending it to a lab. This takes about a week, costs $30, and provides you with fool proof results, in addition to a certificate to document the sex of your bird. It also allows us to sell you the gender you desire, if you have a preference.