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Name: bing liu
Posted: 5/8/2017
Phone: 9177707351
Location: New York
Description: Weaned blue fronted, around 3 month old.

Name: J. Shawn Gallagher
Posted: 5/3/2017
Phone: 954-393-9307
Location: Oakland Park, Florida
Description: I am looking for an African Grey as a pet. I have experience with a variety of birds. I raised several breeds when I was a teenager. I am now simply looking for my ideal pet bird. Please contact me if you have either a Congo or Timneh for sale.

Name: Lizabeth Grover
Posted: 4/30/2017
Phone: 251 6803793. text only
Location: Alabama
Description: Am looking for a baby bronze winged pionus parrot. I have experience for over 27 year with birds. We are in Alabama

Thank you!

Name: Lizabeth Grover
Posted: 4/24/2017
Phone: 251 6803793. text only
E-mail: or
Location: United States
Description: Am wanting a white capped, or bronze winged pionus. Please let me know the cost.We are in Alabama.

Thank you

Name: Jessica Cass
Posted: 4/5/2017
Phone: 3036689161
Location: Colorado
Description: I am searching for a Bronze Wing Pionus or Dusky Pionus weaned baby. Needs to be shipped unless within the state of Colorado or in a neighboring state.

Name: s. Glidden
Posted: 4/2/2017
Phone: 540 910 0841
Location: 22980
Description: Yellow nape Amazon. An adult preferably. No bad language please.

Name: Shannon DeLaGarza
Posted: 3/29/2017
Phone: 8309317232
Location: Poteet, TX
Description: I am very interested in a baby scarlet macaw. What is the purchase prices and shipping expenses?

Name: Ray Ghassemi
Posted: 3/14/2017
Phone: 407-601-3778
Location: Orlando
Description: I am looking for a Galerita Galerita cactua greater sulphur crested cockatoo for a pet. They measure around 20" long from tip of the beak to the end of the tail feather weighing almost 3 lbs.

Name: Royal Bird Avicultural Breeding Center
Posted: 3/13/2017
Phone: 704-735-8601
Description: Yellow crowned Amazons FEMALES NEEDED.

Name: wendy chambers
Posted: 2/26/2017
Phone: 3032416689
Location: Denver Co
Description: african grey parrot just weaned.wendy

Name: Thomas
Posted: 2/11/2017
Phone: 847-534-4444
Location: Illinois
Description: Wanted: Breeding Pair of Painted Conures

or male or Female Hand Tamed Painted Conure

Name: Lucina Sequeira
Posted: 2/10/2017
Phone: 603-833-1615
Location: Ormond Beach, Fl.32174
Description: I would like to find a rose breasted cockatoo, a female if possible. I have raised cockatiels before, but never a bigger bird. I am retired now and have a lot of time to spend with a new baby, so to speak. I am married and all my children live in New England. S this is my story, thank you

Name: Annie
Posted: 1/27/2017
Location: Massachusetts
Description: Looking for a white capped pionus baby parrot to buy.

Name: Kamila Raman
Posted: 1/20/2017
Phone: 929 249-8527
Location: Hollis NY
Description: I am looking for a female Quaker parrot to be a companion for my male Quaker parrot Thank you

Name: James G
Posted: 12/30/2016
Phone: 724 544 1205
E-mail: hdlowrider123@yahoo .com
Location: PA
Description: Yellow collard macaw

Name: Ed Cassinelli
Posted: 12/26/2016
Phone: 425-273-6949
Location: Tricities, Washington
Description: I am looking for either a miligold macaw or molocan cockatoo. Either bird must be hand tame and no extreme behavioral issues.

Name: Karen Bryden
Posted: 12/12/2016
Phone: 508-292-5657
Location: Massachusettes
Description: Looking for either just weened or young Ringneck parrot.

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List birds for sale | List a bird you want