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Name: Renee - user reviews
Posted: 6/23/2017
Phone: 985-517-1059
Location: Louisiana
A breeding pair of cockatiels and 2 cages. 1 large fly cage and 1 small hanging cage. Feeder and water dishes perches ladder swing and toys

Name: Beach Brats pcb - user reviews
Posted: 6/23/2017
Phone: 850-960 8630
Location: Panama City Beach Fl
The sweetest thing ever in a bird. Chica says.

"Chica wants a cheeto "

" What are you doing "

" pretty bird "

And whistles the chill bill tune.

She is 2 and tame as can be.

She prefers men but can be friendly and taught a lot

More .

Facebook message Cheryl Florio

Name: katie kelley - user reviews
Posted: 5/29/2017
Phone: 4405969587
Location: Cleveland Ohio
proven pr of blue and gold macaws. lay three egg clutches will ship at owners expense. perfect feather. downsizing. $2000

Name: George and Patricis - user reviews
Posted: 5/15/2017
Phone: 6194006512
Location: Oregon
Young Red Front Macaw. Tame. Good natured. 11 months. Will be a year in June 2017

Name: George and Patricia - user reviews
Posted: 4/26/2017
Phone: 619-400-6512
Location: Oregon
DNA female illiger macaw. Breeder only NOT TAME. 10 years old. Price $1,395.00. We ship United or Delta Cargo at buyer's expense.

Name: Teresa Garcia - user reviews
Posted: 11/6/2016
Aviary: large
Phone: 830 202 7595
Location: Cotulla, Texas
Beautiful military macaw for sale with cage. Work too much and do not have time for her. Looking for someone to love and care for Betsy. We will love and miss her, but she needs someone to give her more time and attention then what we can. $2000 for cage and Betsy.

Name: Mark Schack - user reviews
Posted: 10/19/2016
Aviary: M&M Cage Company
Phone: 2626230109
Location: Wisconsin
Blue Quaker Parakeets being hand fed now, ready to go. Raised in our home with lots of love and play time.

We take credit or paypal. We can ship via airlines.


Name: Victor rodriguez Posted: 7/20/2016
Phone: 939-891-0555
Location: Wilmington de 19808
White cockatoo 5 year old boy is friendly and play full come were cage text me back for pictures and videos

Name: Norene Voge - user reviews
Posted: 3/21/2016
Phone: 559-224-7664
Location: California
DNA sexed male Hyacinth Macaw hatched 1997. Hand fed, hand raised Beauty!

Name: linda - user reviews
Posted: 1/19/2016
Phone: 5617221111
Location: 33317
CiCi is a beautiful umbrella Cockatoo. I adopted her from her original owners in April 2012. SHe is 5 years old and has been well taken care of. Her previous owner would board her when they went on vacation and she was up to date on shots necessary to board. and they traveled alot thats why they could not keep her anymore sHe has a very strong personality so you would need to have experience with Cockatoos. sHe talks alot, does Peek a Boo and loves music and will sing and dance . sHe bonds with people once she gets to know them. She does not scream you must live in a place suitable that allows to have parrots and where she can get sunlight too. Once she bonds with a person she transforms into a sweet cuddly baby. will consider a tame parrot for trade like a macaw, cockatoo, eclectus african grey 5617221111

Name: Jamie S. - user reviews
Posted: 1/19/2016
Phone: 7273482826
Location: Palm Harbor, Florida
Need to find a forever home for my 20+ year old umbrella cockatoo. Hand fed/raised since baby. Fairly certain Casey is a female but never sexed. No behavioral issues (plucking, screaming). Unable to spend time with her anymore. Great with cats but has never been around kids. Please do NOT contact me if you are a breeder or own a pet shop. I will require a visit to your home before I place her with anyone. Huge corner cage goes with her if needed. Price is negotiable.

List a bird for sale | List a bird you want