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Purchasing a new cage for your bird can be scary. Many people worry about "freaking the bird out", with a new home that might look different.

We usually hear that the transition to a new cage was painless, even though people are nervous about it. There are several things to consider to make it easier on your bird.

However, keep in mind that birds don't always roost in the same place at night, nor nest in the same nest each year, so change should be acceptable.

One thing you might do is keep the new cage the same color as the old. Always keep the perch layout the same in a new cage for at least a few days, and move old toys to the new cage instead of brand new ones right off the bat.

The best time to "make the switch" is at night. When putting your bird to bed, place him in the new cage, cover him up, and turn out the lights!

That way, when he awakes in the morning, there it is, right where he was at, safe and sound all night!

Usually in the morning, the main concern is food, and when he's done with that, he should go right on with his first day in the new home being a happy one!